Brushwork 1: Drawing with a brush

This lesson includes a description of the types of brushes available, considers the marks they make and how to get the best out of them


For painters using oil and acrylic paints.
See how master painters employ 3 different kinds of brush stroke critical to making successful artworks. Learn how to use these strokes to apply paints ‘wet into wet’ for beautiful surface quality.

Contents: Slide talk, practical demonstration and skill building exercise.
Running time: 48 mins
Time required for exercise: 45mins

Materials List

Materials and equipment required:

At least one canvas, paper or board of A4 (9×12”) size. A couple of small, long handled stiff paint brushes, I use a size 2 filbert hog bristle brush for this exercise Some dark paint, doesn’t matter what colour You may need something to dilute the paint a little, use water or glaze medium for acrylics and whatever oil painting medium you like best for oils. A stay-wet pallete for acrylics or a wipe clean one for oils An easel or table easel to allow you to paint onto a vertical surface is important for these exercises.

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