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Frequently Asked Questions

Materials and Courses

Here’s a link to a page with links to most of ‘my own equipment list’.

Details of exact materials needed are available with each lesson.
Please use whatever equipment and materials you like and already own.

As a general summary I recommend you have access to the following:

  • A laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad or tablet
  • An assortment of paint brushes, suitable for your medium in different shapes and sizes
  • I’ll usually work in oils but you may use any medium unless otherwise stated in course description
  • Brushwork courses are for oils/acrylics only)
  • I generally work with a simple, ‘double primary’ palette (see FAQ below) If you prefer to use colours you are familiar with that works fine, except for the colour course, when the above pigments are recommended.
  • Oil/acrylic paper, canvas or canvas boards, up to A2 size or 16 x 20”. If using ‘oil paper’ please check that it is not absorbent.
    Specific quantities will be listed in course descriptions
  • Notebook and pen (I’ll be giving you LOTS of ideas and stuff to write down!)
  • Palette knife any shape is fine, use whatever you’re used to – a link to my own square-ended knife is in the ‘my equipment list’
  • Kitchen/paper towel or old cotton rags
  • Easel/table easel or other means of holding your canvas/paper vertically – this is really important for painting and drawing classes
  • Paint palette: stay-wet palette for acrylics, wipe clean one for oils, or a palette with deep wells for watercolours
  • Jars for water or solvent (if you use it – I paint with as little solvent as possible and don’t use any for cleaning my brushes).
    Information about solvents (Solvent info link)
  • A small (roughly A5 or 8 X 10”)150gsm cartridge paper sketchbook for planning ideas is helpful for some lessons.

I generally work with a simple, ‘double primary’ palette
If you prefer to use colours you are familiar with that works fine, except for the colour course, when the above pigments are recommended.

  • Cadmium Lemon Yellow
  • Indian Yellow Red Shade
  • Cadmium Red Light
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Phthalocyanine Blue Lake or Cerulean Blue
  • and Titanium white.

Unless otherwise stated, these colours will be sufficient for most lessons.

The lessons are all built on fundamental principles, some lessons build into courses, such as colour, brushwork and drawing, in these instances it is a good idea to begin with the first lesson in the series. Other lessons stand alone and can be studied at any time. Any pre-requisites will be clearly stated in the course descriptions which can be read before purchase.

Applicable media are listed in each lesson description. Some of the lessons are specifically for oil painters but most of the fundamental principles apply to all media. Lessons on colour, design and drawing are relevant to painters in all media.

No, you can practice from anywhere you have space to set up an easel or table easel.

Each lesson will remain available to you in your library for 6 months from the date when you first watch it

Account and Website

After you purchase a lesson you will be able to see it in your library. Click on the different stages of the lesson to progress though to the practical task at the end. Your library will automatically track your progress and update your lessons to show how much you have completed. This means you can take a break and pick up where you left off.

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