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Vicki Norman

Artist, Tutor
"It's all about the process"

Our Story

Vicki’s firm belief is that learning to paint should be the most enjoyable journey of your life!

“The more we can fall in love with the process of painting itself, the more we will experience the joy of releasing our creativity.”

My goal as a tutor is to help you to develop the necessary skills that allow you to enjoy your time at your easel to the full. When you can draw freely and match colours readily it is much easier to enjoy the ‘flow’ of the painting process and feel the satisfaction of true creative expression as your palette becomes your voice and your paintbrush begins to speak your own unique language.

I choose to be a painter because I love the act of making each painting – the process of observing, interpreting and recording my view of the world. My practice is concerned simply with spending time ‘in the process’ where every minute spent at my easel is a pure delight.

After years of struggling to make ‘satisfactory’ paintings I discovered that if I let go of the end result, if I stopped worrying about whether I had ‘got it right’ I could just enjoy every minute of my painting time for its own sake.

By targeting individual skills and practicing them in isolation, we can enjoy the process of skill building for its own sake. Each lesson forms a practical task which is a satisfying exercise in its own right. Over time, as we build a greater range of skills they become more ‘automatic’ – like learning to drive a car, after enough practice the individual actions take up less mental capacity, they begin to flow more easily and leave more of our brain free to enjoy other thoughts – and so it is with painting, when we become more sub-consciously competent in the basic skills, we have more head-space to relax and enjoy ‘the process’.

Meet Vicki

Based in Shropshire, England, Vicki Norman received her BA in Fine Art in 2000 working initially as an illustrator and then a full time fine artist represented by established galleries around the UK. A naturally gifted teacher, Vicki began her classes in 2005, gaining her post graduate certificate specialising in post-16 education in 2009 she values teaching and as an integral part of her creative practice.

A lifelong student herself, over the last 10 years, she has studied with master painters and sculptors around the globe, all the time searching for traditional skills and methods which can be applied to paintings of a modern world.

Inspired by both contemporary and past masters, Vicki’s paintings employ an historical skill set with a fresh, personal approach.

My fondness for travelling and painting has naturally led me into the world of Plein Air painting. Working quickly on location to capture the essence of a time and place encourages a looser, more impressionist style of painting. This puts an emphasis on atmosphere rather than detail, and colour is the vehicle through which I seek to capture light.

Her works have won awards in the Europe and the USA, she is a regular contributor to plein air events and competitions on both sides of the Atlantic. Vicki has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London and been awarded a prize from the Oil Painters of America.

Her growing reputation as a master of colour has led naturally to a role as ambassador for Michael Harding Paints which allows Vicki indulge her love of colour and ‘nerd out’ about pigments, binders and all things technical with one of the world’s most respected Colourmen.

A popular tutor and demonstrator, Vicki is recognised for her clear communication and boundless enthusiasm.
She has won awards and recognition for both teaching and painting.

Offering a relaxed, supportive approach for painters in all media, combining deep knowledge of traditional painting and drawing disciplines with a great ability to articulate complex concepts and techniques through simple and concise instruction.

What Her Students Have to Say

I have gained a great deal from this course, most interesting with a wonderful new approach to composition. Excellent course, learnt much, very well presented
Excellent tutor – fantastic teaching skills and a wealth of experience and knowledge.
Thank you so much Vicki. Most enjoyable and useful – but hard work!
I have really enjoyed this well planned course. Vicki introduced several methods which I’ve not used before, all of which will be very useful in my artwork in the future.”
“A steep learning curve with much useful information & practical work. Ways of drawing to take forward, skills that will make drawing more satisfying & pleasurable. Thank you Vicki