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The goal of this ‘Online Art School’ is to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to build their drawing and painting skills at their own pace.

Each lesson gives a thorough, deep explanation and demonstration of a specific skill. By tackling one skill at a time we can measure progress and build confidence with each step.

Mastering painting requires practice so each individual bitesize lessons includes a practical exercise, making the whole journey into an enjoyable series of achievable goals.

Attainable tasks are enjoyable and satisfying, they raise motivation and encourage practice time which means we build skills more quickly!

Why Learn with Vicki?

What Our Students Have to Say

Vicki is a superb teacher – she believes in the importance of the fundamentals and gets rave reviews from her students, many of whom have been on many courses with many tutors and single her out as one of, if not, the best. Vicki says herself that she never stops developing as an artist and a teacher, and this manifests itself in her classes, where there is a feeling of progress and united pride in what has been achieved.
Higham Hall College
It was a real treat and I learnt such a lot, I was so captivated and focused on taking lots of notes and observing. We were certainly in the hands of someone who knows her craft.
I learned a great deal about many aspects of painting, design, colour values and a whole lot more. Vicki Norman is enthusiastic, helpful, attentive and instructive. I will certainly be booking another course.
I feel extraordinarily blessed to have found such a teacher. This artist’s star is in the ascendant – catch her while you can!”